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  Working Mothers

Many working women start their families while they are working, and some others may find the need to return to work sooner than expected in the postpartum period. The working mother is an institution in her own right, one who combines a successful career giving her financial independence, with an effective motherhood raising a child.
  Students Food Insecurity

“Students [in the study] are working on average 18 hours a week with some working as many as 42 hours in addition to full-time student status,” said to Healthline. Even students with jobs were not immune—they were almost twice as likely to report experiencing food insecurity.
Author Megan Patton-López, Ph.D., an epidemiologist at Benton County Health Services.
  Home Makers

The researchers interviewed 150 mothers from all walks of life and spent 250 hours observing 12 families in-depth, and they found “that time pressures, trade-offs to save money, and the burden of pleasing others make it difficult for mothers to enact the idealized vision of home-cooked meals advocated by foodies and public health officials.” but found that as much as they didn't have the time or money to get there.
Extract: Amanda Marcotte is a writer for Salon.
  Men Cooking Food

A study published last year by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that the percentage of men who spent time cooking on any given day jumped to 42 percent in 2008 from 29 percent in 1965. (As more women joined the workforce, the percentage who cooked dropped during that period to 68 percent from 92 percent.)
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